Maxwell Leadership Blog

  • by John C. Maxwell
    Every year, as part of our company’s culture, we encourage our team members to come up with a word that will serve as a focusing thought for their year. It’s a habit that I’ve had for a long time now (and have written about previously), but I always love hearing what words our people come […]
  • by Perry Holley
    Do the people on your team know they have a future with your organization, or are they wondering where this all leads? For years I wondered if I had a future in the organization where I worked. My boss rarely spoke about career paths or promotional opportunities. Then I moved to another division and reported […]
  • by Maxwell Leadership
    Would you go bowling if there were no pins? It’s your time to shine. You step up to the front of the bowling lane. You concentrate; you square up the shot; then, swish – you release the ball. It rolls sturdily down the lane. But instead of a satisfying crash into a multitude of pins, […]
  • by Maxwell Leadership
    For a moment, think about a goal that you have. Don’t think in terms of plans, processes, or progress – leave numbers and metric at the door for now. See it finished and done. Picture in your mind’s eye the moment that your goal becomes a reality.  It’s great, isn’t it? No matter what goal […]
  • by Don Yaeger
    Condoleezza Rice knows what makes people work well together. You know her as the former United States Secretary of State, standing in gaps between nations during George W. Bush’s administration. But her talent for seeing collaborative dynamics dates long before that – her father, a football coach, inspired such a strong love of the game […]
  • by Perry Holley
    Is your team as productive as you would like them to be?  Are the people on your team more productive because of your presence? What if you are not present? Does their level of productivity remain the same or better? Microsoft surveyed 20,000 people in 11 countries and found that 87% of employees report being […]
  • by Maxwell Leadership
    Great relationships. Physical health and wholeness. Financial security. Personal significance.  Ask 100 people whether or not they want these things, or even just one of these things, and it would be a safe bet that all 100 people will say yes. It’s an IQ test – a very simple question. Then, ask the same 100 […]
  • by Mark Cole
    We are in the throes of 2022’s football season! Fans all over the country have been pouring into stadiums and crowding around their TVs to root for their favorite teams. At one point nearly 30 million of us were tuning in at the same time to watch the spectacle. Football isn’t just a game; football […]
  • by Maxwell Leadership
    September 22, 1963. A car full of young men on their way home to Madrid takes too sharp of a turn at more than 100 miles per hour. The car skids, leaps off the road, and sends three of the passengers flying from the vehicle. Miraculously, everyone survives. However, one of the young men – […]
  • by Jeff Henderson
    This photo was taken two years ago as my wife, my daughter and I walked to our car and drove away from Gwinnett Church toward a new season of serving leaders and organizations through the FOR movement. So many of you are finding yourself in a similar situation. I know that first-hand as I travel […]