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Attitude: Finding Clarity in Chaos

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In this coaching call, we dive deep into the importance of clarity, priorities, and focus in our personal and professional lives. Here are 3 key takeaways for you:

1️⃣ Prioritize with Purpose: Evaluate opportunities that come your way based on whether they align with your goals and priorities. Say “yes” only to those that align with the core components of your growth plan.

2️⃣ Address Schedule Disruptions: Unexpected disruptions can throw off our plans, but it’s crucial not to let them ruin our entire day. Deal with the disruption, reschedule if needed, and continue with your schedule. Remember, rarely does a full day collapse due to one meeting.

3️⃣ Daily Actions for Success: Establish a personal routine that includes asking yourself five key questions daily. Plan what you need to read, listen to, do, who you need to call, and what you are looking for—an objective that helps you avoid distractions and stay focused.

These takeaways will help you align your actions with your goals, boost productivity, and experience personal growth.


1. How do you prioritize your daily actions and tasks to align with your goals and priorities?

2. Have you ever experienced unexpected schedule disruptions? How did you handle them without letting your entire day collapse?

3. Do you have a personal routine or set of questions that you ask yourself daily? How does it help you stay focused and avoid distractions?

4. How do you evaluate and prioritize your activities to ensure they bring the greatest return or reward?