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Lesson 9: Good Character Builds Strong Trust

The number one reason why good character is worth pursuing? It builds strong trust!

The greatest cause of turnover in organizations is lack of trust.

People quit people, not companies.

Three Truths About Trust

  1. Trust is essential
    • Too many leaders consider trust as “nice to have.” The truth is, trust is the foundation of leadership.
  2. Trust is a two-way street, but it starts with the leader
    • If my people learn to trust me, I’ll get their attention. But if I initiate trust in my people, I’ll get their action.
  3. Trust can be transferable
    • Leaders can loan their influence by endorsing another, transferring trust. This is one of the quickest ways to build/earn trust.


Strong trust can be built! In leadership, a pint of example equals a gallon of advice. Words hold more weight than actions in the beginning of a relationship. Overtime, your actions begin to weigh more than your words. That’s because people do what people see.