Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Here’s How

A few years back, Marcus Buckingham made a statement that resonated with John Maxwell and Mark Cole:

“Change follows the focus of your attention.”

Consider these key takeaways:
1. Your Thoughts Drive Actions: Your thoughts influence your actions. A negative mindset results in negative actions, while a positive mindset motivates you to pursue your goals.
2. Attitude Follows Thought: Fill your mind with positivity, and a bad attitude becomes hard to maintain.
3. Focused Thinking Matters: Focusing on a thought can transform it from complex to deeply understood. John Maxwell calls it “thinking until you think through.”
4. Positive Change Demands Attention: Achieving positive change requires your full attention, dedication, and thoughtful strategy.
Today, I challenge you to spend a few minutes with pen and paper, jotting down your thoughts. Take 5, 10, or as long as you need.

Then, reflect on your thoughts:
  • Are they positive or negative?
  • Hopeful or hopeless?
  • Full of dreams or worries?

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